AAS Courses for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

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Courses for Fall 2022

AAS 010: African American Culture & Society (T. Gbedema)

AAS 012: Introduction to African Studies (S. Taodzera)

AAS 016: Verbal & Performance Arts in Africa (E. Mukiibi)

AAS 080: Introduction to Black Politics (A. Williams)

AAS 099/198: Dreaming Up New Worlds in Community with African American & African Studies (K. Ampaw-Matthei)

  • First Year Aggie Connection (FYAC), open to freshmen, transfers, and continuing students interested in AAS
  • 2 unit course

AAS 101: Introduction to Research in the Afro-American Community (E. Mukiibi)

AAS 165: Afro-Christianity & the Black Church (S. Milton)

AAS 178: African Modernity & Globalization (S. Taodzera)

AAS 181: Hip Hop in Urban America (H. Davis)

Courses for Winter 2023

AAS 018: Introduction to Caribbean Studies (B. Ng'weno)

AAS 050: Black Popular Culture (E. White)

AAS 107B: African Descent Communities & Culture in North America (E. White)

AAS 133: The Black Family in America (E. Mukiibi)

AAS 176: The Politics of Resources (S. Taodzera)

AAS 180: Race & Ethnicity in Latin America (D. Barksdale)

AAS 190: Topics in African & African-Diaspora Studies (S. Taodzera)

Courses for Spring 2023

AAS 010: African American Culture & Society (D. Brown)

AAS 080: Introduction to Black Politics (K. Nettles-Barcelon)

AAS 107A: African Descent Communities & Culture in the Caribbean and Latin America (B. Ng'weno)

AAS 107C: African Descent Communities & Culture in Asia (B. Ng'weno)

AAS 107D: African Descent Communities & Culture in Europe (E. White)

AAS 123: Black Female Experience in Contemporary Society (E. Mukiibi)

AAS 130: Education in the African American Community (E. Mukiibi)

AAS 141: Psychology of the African American Experience (L. Reyburn)

AAS 145A: Black Social & Political Thought (A. Williams)

AAS 185: Topics in African American Film (E. White)


IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The African American and African Studies Department has waived prerequisite requirements for specific AAS upper division courses. If you have questions about this, please contact Katherine Ampaw-Matthei, the Student Affairs Officer, at The following are the AAS courses that have waived prerequisite requirements:

AAS 100—Survey of Ethnicity in the US   

AAS 101—Introduction to Research in the Afro-American Community 

AAS 123—Black Female Experience in Contemporary Society 

AAS 133—The Black Family In America 

AAS 141—Psychology of the African American Experience 

AAS 145A—Black Social & Political Thought 

AAS 145B—Black Intellectuals 

AAS 152—Major Voices in Black World Literature 

AAS 181—Hip Hop in Urban America


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