Culture and Development in an African Nation

Culture and Development in an African Nation

AAS 111: GE Arts/humanities or Social Sciences, World Cultures, Writing, Diversity

AAS 198



Since the early twentieth century, African political thinkers, activists, scholars, creative writers and performers have engaged in debates about the relevance of African culture to life in the modern world. This course aims to introduce students to some these debates as they apply to the country of Ghana. It also invites students to analyze and critique the positions taken by African thinkers on questions of culture. The course will focus on cultural issues, and challenges to development in West Africa with special emphasis on the nation of Ghana. Through assigned readings, discussions and field trips students will be exposed to various aspects of Ghanaian culture, significant moments in Ghanaian history and the problems of development in an African nation. The following topics will be discussed in detail: the culture of the Asante and the other Akan-speaking peoples in Ghana, urban popular culture in Ghana, Atlantic slavery in West Africa, the African Diaspora in Ghana, Politics in independent Ghana, and finally issues in contemporary development. The class is taught by Professor Moradewun Adejunmobi





Makola market, Accra

Ntonso, Ahwiaa markets, near Kumasi

Kejetia market, Kumasi

Aburi craft market

Craft bazaar Accra


History and Cultural Heritage

National Museum, Accra

Nkrumah Park

Arts and crafts bazaar, Accra

Manhyia palace museum, Kumasi

Cape Coast fort, Cape Coast

St George’s fort, Elmina

Tour of Elmina

Dubois Center

Cedi Beads

Adanwomase Kente

Arts Alliance Gallery, Labadi


Development sites

University of Ghana, Legon

Akosombo Dam, Akosombo

Mampong Herbal Center

Cedi Beads

High school in Hoehoe


Ecotourism sites

Aburi Botanical gardens

Wli waterfalls

Tafi Atome monkey sanctuary

Kakum Nature Park

Hiking on Mount Gemi


Craft Activities



Kpando Fesi Pottery

Batik instruction with Global Mamas